4 Special Forces That’ll Make You Shit Yourself

by Duncan The Writer

Each country has its own Special Forces unit. Each one trained to be as badass as possible. They come equipped with their own set of armour, weapons and tactics.

  1. Taiwan Special Forces

Look at these guys! They look like the cavalry from hell. Those masks are in fact meant to act as ballistic face protectors. Something similar to a bulletproof vest. But for your face.

It makes you wonder how well they actually work though. If you’re wearing a bulletproof vest and you’re shot in the chest, the bullet wouldn’t necessarily piece your skin but you’re still going to end up with a few broken ribs. Now imagine having the same thing, except for your head. You won’t die instantly, but you’re still going to end up with a cracked skull. Can you imagine that? Thinking that you’ve shot one of the enemy (in the head!), but no, he gets up and carries on running at you. Zombie soldiers! The only thing scarier than zombie soldiers, is Nazi zombie soldiers.

But maybe they’re not meant to be only for practical uses. What if they’re worn as a form of camouflage? They would look like ghosts at night. They would be almost invisible. That’s why most Special Forces soldiers wear camouflage paint on their faces. Too blend in (sounds obvious I know.) But it rubs off, and you can still see facial movements. Not with ballistic face masks from hell!

  1. Peruvian Army Special Forces

These guys take camouflage to a new level. Painting a skull on your face has the sole purpose of scaring people shitless. Unless they’re trying to hide in an underground catacomb. But then their helmets and weapons would be a dead give-away.

Speaking of which, if you notice the guy in the middle of the picture (the one without skull face paint) he’s holding an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) with a holographic sight. If you don’t know why this is extremely stupid and a bit of a fail, I’ll explain. (Prepare yourself for something that could be long and boring.) Holographic sights are meant for assault rifles. Weapons that work well for both long and short range. They have scopes so you can see targets further away than you normally would; making them easier to shoot at. A RPG is a rocket. You’re not looking for pin-point accuracy. You looking to blow a hole in that building that’s right in front of you. Or that big ass tank that’s rolling towards you. (Phew, that wasn’t too boring. Was it?) Even though that chump looks like a complete idiot; an idiot with a RPG is still scary as all hell.

   3. Danish Special Forces (Huntsmen Corps)

Executioners. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I see these guys. The Jægerkorpset as they’re known in Denmark, are composed of only 150 highly trained soldiers. They specialise in counter-terrorism, demolitions, parachuting, combat swimming, infiltration, sabotage, and reconnaissance. If you search badass, a picture of these guys pops up (Don’t actually go search – I lied.) But they’re as hardcore as a guy dressed as Darth Vader playing the Star Wars theme song on flaming bagpipes, while riding a unicycle. And yes there is a video of some guy doing that (Google it. I’m not lying this time. I promise.)

Their slogan, “Plus esse, quam simultatur” which is in Latin, translates to “More to be, than to seem.” This basically means that their capabilities are more effective if no-one knows about them. But doesn’t that apply to every Special Forces unit? If people know what their tactics are, or what they’re about to do, the point of their purpose becomes void. They’re meant to be secretive and sneaky; except when they’re blowing shit up. But then you only find out they’ve blown something up, after it’s happened.

  1. Russian Special Forces

The Russians have always been proud of their special forces. The common name that many people, nowadays, know them by is the Spetsnaz. The public used to know very little about them, until loads of state secrets were disclosed under the glasnost (openness) policy, enforced by Mikhail Gorbachev during the late 1980s.

Now they try to keep their missions secret, and unheard of. Mainly infiltrate and eliminate. That explains why the guy with the LMG (Large Machine Gun) has a huge suppressor on the end of it. Some people may wonder why I used the term suppressor, instead of silencer, and I’ll tell you why. There is no such thing as a silencer. You can’t silence a gun shot. You can suppress the sound of it, but you can’t make it completely silent.

Well on that bombshell (see what I did there), that’s my rant for the month. Until we write to each other again (don’t write to me. I won’t write back.)

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